Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program

Through the Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program each child in your family can receive

minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $60,000 or an entire year of college paid in full at any
4 year college or university across the U.S.A..

This program has been designed to act as a road map to help parents navigate the 5 Stages of College Planning (early college admissions process).  Parents earn scholarship rewards in the form of points when they participate in actions that lead to positive outcomes for their children's future such as saving toward college, attending college prep workshops, putting an actual college plan in play, and participating in parenting classes.. 

Tuition Reward Points represent the minimum scholarship that an eligible student will receive if and when he or she attends a member school. Schools may count Tuition Rewards as part of their normal institutional aid. For example, if a family redeems 60,000 Tuition Rewards Points for a student, the student is guaranteed to receive a minimum of $60,000* in financial aid (scholarships, institutional grants) spread equally over four years of undergraduate education. He or she may receive more,
but is guaranteed not to receive less. 

To help family's plan for college, prepare their kids for college,
get them to college, and finally through college - debt free.

Mission Possible



Program Highlights

  • *Parents can sponsor children ages 0 -17. 

  • **Can apply scholarships at any 4 year college or university in the U.S.A..

  • Each child can receive up to $60,000 in tuition discounts at participating colleges.

  • Scholarships do not have to be reported on FAFSA or CSS Profile.

  • Parents can earn scholarships on behalf of their children regardless of personal income level.  


  • Members can sponsor their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, that are between the ages of *0-17. 

  • Tuition Rewards are not reported on the F.A.F.S.A..

* Students ages 0 -17 are eligible to enroll prior to the start of their junior year of high school .

** Scholarships must be redeemed through the Oink Groups College Admissions Department prior to the student applying to college or the beginning of their junior year of high school. A fee may apply. Contact us for more details.

Additional Benefits


Receive these additional benefits when you become a College Prep 4Parent Member.

Birthday Points

Each child in your family ages 0 -13 earn 1000 points  and  ages 14-17 earn 2000 points on each birthday.


5% Back 

Members earn 5% on their savings balance at the end of each year in the form of scholarship points.



Earn unlimited points when you participate in eligible events

Scholarship Party's and Scholarship Birthday Party's

Earn scholarship points when you host a scholarship party or birthday scholarship party.

Annual Reviews

Members earn additional scholarship points when they complete their annual review.


Earn additional scholarships when you participate in college prep contest.

When it's time for your child to attend college will early college preparation have been a forethought or an afterthought?

"College funding that doesn't have to be repaid"!

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