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The Ultimate College SAT Bootcamp

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Saturday: 8am - 1pm   |   Sunday: 8am - 1pm

Looking to boost your SAT scores? You'll practice drill and rehearse at our seasonal bootcamps. Over the weekend we'll take your measure then show you how to take your score to the next level.  Afterwards you can continue practice drilling and rehearsing using the PSAT| SAT| ACT| Self-Pace Software and SAT Study Guides which are all provided inside the Ultimate College Experience. 

Bootcamp for Middle School Students

Middle School Bootcamps are best for students in the 6th-8th grades.

  • PSAT Spring Bootcamps

  • PSAT Summer Bootcamps 

  • PSAT Fall Bootcamps

  • PSAT Winter Bootcamps



Bootcamp for High School Students

The bootcamp for middle school students 

  • PSAT Spring Bootcamps

  • SAT Spring Bootcamps 

  • PSAT Summer Bootcamps 

  • SAT Summer Bootcamps

  • PSAT Fall Bootcamps

  • SAT Fall Bootcamps

  • PSAT Winter Bootcamps

  • SAT Winter Bootcamps

Bootcamps are hosted on both Saturday's and Sunday's​ from 8am-1pm. 

What's Included?


  • Up to 5 hours of instruction

  • 1 Full length proctored SAT Practice Exam

  • Live Online Drills

  • Covers the fundamentals of the exam

Student Materials:

  • SAT Course Manual

  • College Board Official Guide To The SAT

  • Proctored SAT Practice Exam bubble sheets.

Also includes 365 days access to our Online Student Portal which has:

  • 240 online drills,140 online lessons, 2000+ online practice questions and 23 full length online practice tests.

  • A recommendation engine

  • Ability to score test online

  • Personalized score reports detailing performance and pinpointing strengths and weaknesses.

Powered by the Princeton Review our SAT Bootcamp is an intensive 8-hour workshop that differentiates between content (what’s on the test, including vocabulary and geometry) and strategy (how to take the test, how to avoid the traps test writers set, etc.). It encourages students to study content and practice at home, and includes all the tools they need.

Even strong test-takers need strategies - the SAT is unlike any test they’ve ever taken.  Bootcamp boosts confidence and provides a clear picture of content to study and what to practice.

After the workshop, the Basic Training Manual and access to instructors via email means no question is left unanswered--no matter when you attended.

Presentations are given with visual Power Point backup, and the Basic Training Manual contains all the workshop information in print.


Not a months-long expensive program or a 1000-page book that only highly self-motivated students will complete.


4-hour workshop that dives deep into every section and question type on the SAT.  


Time-saving, trap-avoiding, empowering methods for bringing your best to the test.

 For students looking to fast-track their SAT scores, the Insight SAT Boot Camp is the most ideal choice. This 10-day intensive test prep course includes daily full-length SAT practice tests and 4.5 hours of instructor-led class lecture and review. This structure empowers our students to build the endurance and the confidence necessary to succeed when they take the real SAT. The Boot Camps will cover conceptual learning, strategies, and the test-specific fundamentals, and the challenges of the given day.

> Our proprietary Boot Camp curriculum was produced in-house by our team of instructors and curriculum developers and is unique and separate from our SAT Advantage curriculum.

> Please note instructors listed for this class are subject to change. 

> Have questions about virtual classes? Contact us to learn more about how we’re supporting students during COVID-19 and our virtual learning philosophies 

Not sure which class is the best fit for you? We offer diagnostic testing bundles to allow students to see where they are scoring before deciding on a class. Please email us at to learn more!  

Who is This Bootcamp For?


This bootcamp is for any student who has an upcoming test in the near future and wants a quick boost


Receive guidance on how best to focus your time before the test. We review the most important concepts and teach strategies and an approach you probably haven’t seen before.

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Our bootcamp will serve as a refresher and reinforce the most important strategies and content you should be prioritizing in the days/weeks up to your test.

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There is a ton of content covered on the SAT. You won’t have time to cover everything. We will teach you the concepts and strategies that will have the largest impact in the shortest amount of time.

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Elite Prep of San Francisco will be conducting the PTSA-sponsored SAT boot camp this year via Zoom. The course will be taught over a 2 day period, October 3rd and October 4th, and will include a total of 6 hours of instruction.

This intensive, two-day, six-hour workshop will introduce students to the content and structure of the SAT. Three sections of the test--Reading, Math, Writing and Language (grammar)--will be covered in detail. Instructors will teach students concepts and techniques that will be tested on the SAT, then students will reinforce this knowledge through guided exercises conducted during the workshop itself.