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Who's Coaching You Through Life?

At the age of 18 we are considered adults in our society, and if your parents were anything like mine you may have heard them preach at times of duress " When you reach the age of 18 you can do whatever you want, but while you are living in this house you'll do whatever I say". Those were the days, right.

But the fact is that, that statement was not entirely true. Adults can't do whatever they want to do. No one can. Not even here in the land of the free. Think about this. As a child you may have had a coach or mentor throughout your childhood. They may have come in many forms such as teacher, counselor, youth pastor, tutor, parent, and etc. . And then one day you turned 18 years old and became a legal adult. And that's when the problems began. Most teens are left to make decisions on their own after reaching adulthood.

What problems? How about going into credit card debt, buying a car for the 1st time and paying too much, signing your life away with student loans, and sometimes raising a child as a single parent. Those are only a handful of challenges.

I was a victim of this mentality at an early age. I found myself with more than 15 credit cards at the age of 22 totaling $15,000 of personal debt. I was being coached by television and radio advertisements that showed me that having credit cards was cool and smart. I found out the hard way that neither was true. I did eventually get out of debt and since then have not used a credit card again.

Although life may not come with a handbook we do have the option of seeking a guide. Someone that understands us, someone who may have been where we are going. Like me you may have heard some of the most successful individuals in our society mention that they still have mentors or coaches.

No one can make it through this roller-coaster called life successfully without guidance or help. If you are anything like me you might remember being a kid and remembering how easy things were then. How simple life was going to be when you grew up. Reflecting back I now realize that it was my parents, my family, my pastor, my teachers, and even my neighbors that influenced my outlook on life. They were my guides and gave me confidence and structure.

Would having a coach in your life today make a difference? Take a look at where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Then ask yourself "Who's coaching me through life? " . A good coach can help you get the outcome you want.

Tom Lewis

Managing Partner of Oink Group Inc.