Princeton Review_Student_Early Edge 102.

Early Edge 102

This is an advance course in English, English Language Arts, and Math for gifted students.

Early Edge 102 focuses on giving high school students in the 10th and 11th grade an early edge in the area of math, english, and language arts and early preparation for the PSAT | SAT | ACT,  and AP college courses.

Early Edge  emphasizes fundamental math, reading, and writing skills that are imperative to student success in the classroom and on standardized tests. We aim to strengthen prior knowledge by reviewing and reinforcing core concepts and exposing students to SAT® and ACT® question types early. Each level presents foundational knowledge through age-appropriate topics, building understanding and confidence in students. 


Student Materials:

  • English, English Language Arts Course Workbook

  • English, English Language Arts Practice Book

  • Math Course Workbook

  • Math Practice Book

  • Pre- and post-tests for each subject

  •  Full-length online assessments

  • Oink Group Journal

  • Oink Group Folder


Access to our Online Student Portal:

• Ability to score assessments online

• Personalized score reports detailing performance and pinpointing strengths and weaknesses .

• 365 days of access