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PSAT | SAT Bootcamp 101 (10 hours)


The PSAT | SAT 101 is an introduction course and readiness course for high school students.


During this course your student is exposed to our philosophy which goes well beyond “tips and tricks” to cover everything students need for the best possible preparation, from content-area instruction to practice questions that reflect what they’ll see on test day. Full-length diagnostic PSAT or SAT practice tests give students exposure to and practice in a testing environment designed to mimic the real test, helping them to gain confidence and reduce test-taking anxiety.


 For students looking to fast-track their SAT scores, the  PSAT | SAT Boot Camp 101  is the most ideal choice. This 10 hour cootcamp is covered over 2 days.  intensive test prep course includes daily full-length SAT practice tests and 4.5 hours of instructor-led class lecture and review. This structure empowers our students to build the endurance and the confidence necessary to succeed when they take the real SAT. The Boot Camps will cover conceptual learning, strategies, and the test-specific fundamentals, and the challenges of the given day.



Who is this bootcamp for?

  • This bootcamp is for any high school student who has an upcoming PSAT or SAT Exam.


  • If you were self-studing receive guidance on how best to focus your time before the test. We review the most important concepts and teach strategies and an approach you probably haven’t seen before.


  • If you've taken a class or had tutoring our bootcamp will serve as a refresher and reinforce the most important strategies and content you should be prioritizing in the days/weeks up to your test.

  • If you've done minimal prep and don't have time to cover everything. We will teach you the concepts and strategies that will have the largest impact in the shortest amount of time.


• Up to 5 hours of instruction.
• 1 Proctored SAT Exam - 4 Hours.

• 1 SAT 101 Course Workbook per student.
• In-person or Live Online.

  • Covers the fundamentals of the exam.

Student Materials (subject to change)
• SAT Course Manual.
• College Board Official Guide to the SAT.

• Essay Grading (If essay is required).

  • Online Student Portal.


Online Student Portal:

• 365 days of access to Online Student Portal (see below)
• 240+ online drills, 140+ online lessons, 2000+ online
practice questions and 23 full-length online practice tests
• A recommendation engine
• Ability to score tests online
• Personalized score reports detailing performance and
   pinpointing strengths and weaknesses