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Are you looking for a simple solution to a personal financial challenge? You don't have to wait to exhale.  We understand your challenges. Consult with us and we'll help you pursue your financial goals and get back on track to achieving your goals and dreams. What you want is within reach again. Let us show you how. Thats what we do, and we do it well.  

If you are looking for a financial program that fits your needs.  The Oink Group has the options you are looking for. All you have to do is let us know what your needs are and we'll do the shopping for you. We'll put your best options on the table. You'll never have to worry about  if you made the best decision.

It's been said that knowledge is power. Empower yourself by attending a financial literacy course. Change the course of your life by learning how to budget and save your money. Get on track to attaining your goals today. Those who know the way, fare better than those who don't.

Oink Group will be introducing a host of new services in addition to our current offerings. Join us at our kickoff on September 15th, 2015  at the Double Tree in Oak Brook, IL as we rollout and introduce our "New Offerings".
 If you're looking to reinvent yourself why not start with your finances. We Can Show You How.


The 5 Stages Of College Funding

Coming April 2018

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College Student


The 5 Stages Of College Planning is the first installment of our College Prep Workshop Series.  We will cover:


  • What are the 5 stages of college planning?

  • How to create an action plan based on your student(s) current stage?

  • Why it's important to start saving asap?

  • What stage you should start talking to your students about attending college?

*This webinar has a Workbook. We will email workbook one day prior to your scheduled webinar date.