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About Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program

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The Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program


Colleges are now using 6-year data to calculate graduation rates because the average student is graduating in six years instead of the traditional four.  


At 4-year public colleges, 19% of students graduate within four years while 59% of students graduate in six years   hechingerrepot.org


Parents are still saving for college based on expected  4-year graduation rates. 


6-year graduation rates increase the cost of college by 50%.


Join the Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program and each child in your family could receive scholarships valued up to $57,324 off the cost of college tuition at more than 400 colleges nation-wide, helping to reduce the cost of college and the need for student loans, saving the family thousands of dollars.  

Through the Oink Tuition Rewards Program each child in your family can receive

minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 or an entire year of college paid in full at more than 400 participating private colleges and universities across America.

This program has been designed to be a road map of sorts to help parents  navigate the 5 stages of college planning.  Parents receive rewards when they participate in actions that lead to positive outcomes for their children such as saving toward college, attending educational workshops, putting an actual college plan in play, and more. 

As a member you can sponsor your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, that are between the ages of *0-17. 

Program Highlights

  • Included in the  College Prep 4Parents Program.

  • *Children ages 0-17 are eligible beneficiaries. 

  • More than 400 participating colleges nationwide.

  • Each child can receive up to $57,324 in tuition discounts at participating colleges.

  • Scholarships do not  have to be reported on FAFSA or CSS Profile.

  • Parents can earn scholarships on behalf of their children regardless of personal income level.  

* Students ages 0-17 are eligible to enroll prior to the start of their junior year of high school .


Frequently Asked Questions


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