College Prep 4Parents 


The College Prep 4Parents Membership fee covers the entire family both parents and children. As a member you can pay annually or monthly for your membership plan or you can also take advantage of installment plans through Sezzle which are interest free. Add-ons are priced seperately.

Standard Features

The following features are included in your Membership Plan.

Piggy Rewards

Piggy Rewards allows members to earn coins as they complete tasks, hit goals, and reach milestones .Coins can be  redeemed as discounts toward bootcamps, college prep courses, test prep classes, workshops, etc. 

Oink University

Provides learning opportunities for both parents and children in the areas of college planning, college readiness, college prep, college admissions, financial literacy, and social emotional learning through boot camps, enrichment programs, events, online courses, residencies, and workshops. Click here to view upcoming events. Premium events may have an additional cost.

Guidance Counselor

Our Guidance Counselors are available to guide you through the tough stuff, help you stay organized, focused, and to make sure you're aware of every college prep opportunity at each stage.

Family College Planning Portal

The Family College Planning Portal is a project management site that assist parents with keeping their child's education needs organized. It interfaces with your Oink Guidance Counselor and allows them to work with you directly. Includes management tools, school search (Pre-K to college), file storage, online calander, phone app, and more. Also allows parents to set goals, create task, checklist, hit milestones, records all history with education consultant, and has a calendar for important dates that interfaces with most online calendars such as google, outlook, etc..

Action Plan

The Action Plan is a customized plan that shows parents how to navigate their plan. It includes reports and checklist to help parents stay on track during the school year and shows parents how to get the most out of the education stage of each child in their family. Lay's best strategies for school year and outlines action steps. Updated yearly or as needed.

College Funding Plan

Not sure how much you should save toward college? Your membership comes with a college funding plan that's prepared for you by an Oink Group Financial Consultant and updated yearly during your annual review and is included in your Action Plan. Click here to view a sample report.

College Readiness Chart

Located inside of your Action Plan. the college readiness tracker provides the parents with a college readiness checklist and parent guide to help parents measure and track their child's college readiness. Your college readiness tracker is prepared yearly and is included with your action plan.

Annual Review

A lot of things can change in a year. The yearly annual review presents an opportunity for parent's to review the goals they set the previous year and re-evaluate if they need to update, adjust, or make changes to their college plan.

Job Shadowing

Provide middle school up to high school students with an opportunity to shadow professionals on the job for a few hours or a day and expose them to career options.

Career Pipeline Programs

Construction | Healthcare & Sciences | Engineering| Financial Services | Technology | Entrepreneurship Pipeline programs are opportunities for students to build

Community Service Hours

School Search

We'll assist you in finding a fitting school.
Includes Pre-K, Grade School, Highschool, and College

Concierge Services

With just a click of your mouse or a phone call we'll assist you with researching schools, answering questions regarding your membership, entertainment discounts for the family, and much more.

Entertainment Discounts

This is a unique benefit offered exclusively to your family through the Oink Group. You and your family can save up to 60% and receive exclusive discounts, special offers, access to preferred seating and tickets to top attractions, theme parks, shows, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels and much more anywhere in the U.S.A.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Each member of your family is entitled to receive an official Power of Attorney for Healthcare. Each individual in your household 17 years or older can designate a power of attorney to make healthcare decisions for them if they are not able too.

Oink Group Newsletter

Each month we'll deliver Oink News in your email box to keep you up to date.

Private Membership Login:

Access your membership account and update account information.

Strategic College Plan

A strategic college plan helps family's navigate the college planning landscape from their current position. Ultimately it is designed to help families formulate a strategy that will help them achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Strategic college plans must be updated annually to be effective.


The following add-ons are optional and may have an additional cost.