Are there any additional costs involved to become a member?     
There are no additional costs for a family to become a member.  Enrollment is free.

Do I have to start a savings plan for my students to receive ongoing scholarships up to $55,290?
No, you do not have to start a savings plan for your students to earn ongoing scholarships. However families that
have a qualified college funding plan through the Oink Group enjoy additional benefits in their plan.


Is any money deducted from my assets?
No. This is a no-fee program.  Reward Points are an extra benefit for being a participating member.  Similar to frequent flyer miles, Reward Points are redeemable as tuition discounts and not cash.

Can we still apply for financial aid?
Yes.  Rewards points are not itemized on the FAFSA form.  Tuition Rewards represent the minimum scholarship that a member school is obligated to offer.  Participating colleges may use Tuition Rewards as part of, or separate from their normal financial aid packages.

What if my favorite college is not on your list?
More private colleges are being added monthly.  Your favorite may be on the list by the time your student is a high school senior.  Start earning your Tuition Rewards now!


What else should I know?
Private colleges are a “better buy” than families realize.  A UCLA study showed that a four-year graduation   
rate from private universities is 67%; versus 28% from public universities.  Graduation rates matter.  In the 5th
and 6th year of college, student loan amounts rise exponentially.


Can grandparents help?
Absolutely! Grandparents, uncles, aunts or other family members can sponsor students in their family.


What’s the catch?
No catch!  Private colleges are looking to recruit more or better students.  The tuition rewards program helps
member colleges reach their enrollment goals and your students to reach their goals of earning a college degree.


Are my students guaranteed admission at participating colleges?
No. The normal admissions standards apply.