The Financial Fitness Club 4Kids

Financial literacy for fiscally focused future financial freedom fighters. 

The financial fitness club 4kids

The Financial Fitness Club 4Kids

The Financial Fitness Club is the heart and soul of the Oink Group. It was originally formed as a private service in which we coached and educated family's and individuals about their personal finances.  We are now reintroducing it as a college prep club to educate children ages 4 -17 about how money works and to also give them a platform that they can use to get a deeper understanding about the relationship that math, english and education in general has with money.

The Financial Fitness Club 4Kids is a step program which has 3 tiers and a total of 13 learning levels. Each level focuses on 

Tier 1: Pre-K to 4th Grade; ages 4-9.

Tier 2: 5th-8th grade; ages 10-13.

Tier 3: 9th-12th grade; ages 14-18.

 Club Goals

The Financial Fitness Club has clear and distinct goals:

Goal #1: To introduce students to the various levels of finance and money.

Goal #2: To make sure students understand the correlation between math and money as well as
               reading and finances.


Goal #3: To help them develop a deep understanding of basic financial concepts, financial
               behavior, and financial skills.


Goal #4: To help students build their student profiles and show them how they can leverage it to   
               fund college debt free.


Goal #5: To show them the benefits of staying in school, going to college, career planning, and how
              each has a profound impact on their future financial success (including business 


Goal #6: To expose students to the basics of money management, budgeting, savings, debt,
              investing, and giving.


Goal #7: To help them with building strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes
              that lead to life long financial struggles.


Goal #8: To develop leadership skills within an environment of their peers.


Goal #9: To have fun with learning how to build their future by setting financial short-term, mid-
              term, and long-term goals? 

Eligible Members

To become a member each student must meet the following qualifications below.:

  • Must have an active College Prep 4Parents Membership.

  • Be in-between the ages of 4-18 / or Pre-K to High School.

What's Included In Your Membership


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The Saavy Pig is included with your Financial Fitness 4Kids Membership.

Membership Package includes:

  • 12 sessions a year.

  • Email: Monthly updates & financial literacy tips.

  • Book of the month.

  • Contest and Challenges.

  • Scholarship Opportunities.

Tools Included:

  • The Savvy Pig Piggy Bank

  • Curriculum 

  • Folder

  • Deluxe Infographic Poster

Scholarship Opportunities

The Oink Group Annual Financial Literacy Challenge:


Quantity: 3 Awards.

Grand Prize: $250 micro-scholarship.

General Eligibility:

  • Student must be a member of the Financial Fitness Club.

  • Student must be in middle school or high school.

  • Must meet attendance requirement.

Registration Opens:  October 1st, 2021

Registration Closes:  November 1st, 2021

Registration Fee: $0