Have You Answered The Question?

It's Black And White!

Oinks 2019 Campaign

We are excited to kick off our new awareness campaign
"Have You Answered The Question?"
We are excited to kick off our 2019 awareness campaign.
Our campaign is targeted at parents with children ages 0-17. We are asking parents to step up and answer the question for the benefit of their children. "Am I going to make away for my child to attend college?" The answer is black and white.  It's a simple yes or no.  Which is why for 2019 we will be abandoning our traditional themed colors of  pink, gray, and burgundy and replacing them with black and white. We are representing a choice. 
Also for 2019 we have crafted a new series of seminars and workshops to support the "Have You Answered The Question Campaign". They will be available locally and online for our members to ensure that parents in the Oink Community are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need 
to take immediate action. 
In conjunction we will be launching a new online membership site in January of 2019. Through this site members will have access to online courses, coaches, and additional support services for parents that are serious about taking control of their family's future. 
So remember when you are checking in at a local pop-up event look
for the black and white.