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The Entrepreneur Incubator Club

Are you ready for the revolution?  The Entrepreneur Revolution. It's been said that by 2030 that nearly 50% of the workforce will be self-employed/or business owners. Today kids of all ages are expressing the desire to work for themselves. The Entrepreneur Incubator Club is a platform where kids of all ages can come together and learn about entrepreneurship and also participate in entrepreneurship activities.

Club Objective

Our objective is to introduce a new generation of kids to entrepreneurship and to show them how to get paid by developing products and services that solve problems. 

Club Goals

The following are a list of our club goals:

  • To create a space where members can learn about entrepreneurship at their own pace.

  • To offer guidance, resources, and tools to young people interested in entrepreneurship.

  • To give members a platform where members can work on building and developing their ideas.

  • To expose members to the 5 Stages of Business Development:

    •  Stage 1: Seed and Development 

    • Stage 2: Startup 

    • Stage 3: Growth and Establishment

    • Stage 4: Expansion 

    • Stage 5: Maturity and Possible Exit.

  • To provide leadership opportunities to members which they can leverage for scholarships.

  • To help members build entrepreneurship experience which they can utilize on their student profile.​

Three ways your child
can benefit as a member.

1. Learn about real-world entrepreneurship issues.

While schoolwork focuses on general business issues, as a member of the Entrepreneur Incubator Club your child will learn how to work through challenges faced by real-word businesses.

Such as creating and launching mock or actual businesses, working on product launches, mastering and understanding marketing, expanding, and other stepping stones encountered by startup founders.

2. Learn how to create a business network.

Entrepreneurship clubs enable students to meet with other students and local business founders Through these interactions entrepreneurs can discover who they like to work with and how they like to work, and can make connections that last a lifetime, connections that could lead to startup financing, access to professional business organizations, and more.

3. Learn how to work through failure in a low-stakes environment.

Not every business succeeds, and every successful business person has experienced failure at least once in their career. A student entrepreneurship club can provide a lab environment in which one can not only learn what makes a business succeed, but also what makes it fail, and how to pick up the pieces afterward. Most of the world's most successful CEOs attribute their current success to lessons they learned from past failures. 

Who Should Join This Club?

  • Students that are curious about entrepreneurship.

  • If your child is already running their own business.

  • If your child is interested in business.

  • If your child is interested in building wealth for themselves.

  • If your child is from a family of business owners.

  • If your child is planning on studying business or entrepreneurship in high school or college.

  • If your child is planning on becoming a professional hair stylist, doctor, plumber, dentist, lawyer, carpenter, human resource manager, pastor, politician, etc....

  • 2 club meetings a month

  • Mentoring and Guidance.

  • Workshops

  • An opportunity to serve on the Clubs Council.

  • An opportunity to earn scholarships which can be used toward college. 

  • An opportunity to earn grants for business startup or product development.

  • Oink Group T-Shirt (each year.)

  • Student Handbook

  • Student Journal

Club Package


Registration is open to College Prep 4Parent Members. To become a member or to learn more about the College Prep 4Parents Program contact us or schedule an appointment with an Oink Representative.

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