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The Entrepreneur Incubator Club

Are you ready for the revolution?  The Entrepreneur Revolution. It's been said that by 2030 that nearly 50% of the workforce will be self-employed/or business owners. Today kids of all ages are expressing the desire to work for themselves. The Entrepreneur Incubator Club is a platform where kids of all ages can come together and learn about entrepreneurship and also participate in entrepreneurship activities.

Club Objective

Our objective is to introduce a new generation of kids to entrepreneurship and to show them how to get paid by developing products and services that solve problems. 

Club Goals

The following are a list of our club goals:

  • To create a space where members can learn about entrepreneurship at their own pace.

  • To offer guidance, resources, and tools to young people interested in entrepreneurship.

  • To give members a platform where members can work on building and developing their ideas.

  • To expose members to the 5 Stages of Business Development:

    •  Stage 1: Seed and Development 

    • Stage 2: Startup 

    • Stage 3: Growth and Establishment

    • Stage 4: Expansion 

    • Stage 5: Maturity and Possible Exit.

  • To provide leadership opportunities to members which they can leverage for scholarships.

  • To help members build entrepreneurship experience which they can utilize on their student profile.​

Three ways your child
can benefit as a member.