Welcome To Oink University

At Oink University we focus on enriching the lives of families and communities across America. With the help of our community and corporate partners we are bringing families together and making college readiness opportunities accessible to both parents and children ages 0-17.

It's Not
Too Late

College Admissions 4Parents

High School

Support Course

4Parents of Juniors & Seniors

Whether you choose a virtual or local workshop, we'll walk you through the steps to help you get your student ready for college and also show you how to save on the cost of college.

You'll learn how to: 

  • File the FAFSA Correctly 

  • Complete the CSS Profile

  • Develop your College Search List

  • Develop a Career Mapping Plan

  • Search for college scholarships and merit aid opportunities

  • Customize your college plan

  • Choose the right college

  • Create a stellar essay 

  • Pay for college without student loans

  • Negotiate an award letter

  • and all the secrets in-between.....

This will be an all day event. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served.
Bring your plus one (your high school student is welcome to attend).

College Advisor Support Package:

Support package is a follow-up service to the Crash Course. Parents will receive personal assistance from our team of college advisors and financial-aid officers on the subject matters that was covered in the Crash Course.