College Prep 4Kids 

Included in the College Prep 4Parents Membership Plan.

Premium solutions for children ages 0 -17

Building Your Students Profile

In the College Prep 4Kids your children participate in learning events, programs, think-tanks, and entrepreneurial opportunities that builds their "Student Profile". The student profile helps students develop a deeper understanding of who they are as learners and  reflect on what motivates and challenges them when learning.  Each child in the family has their own student profile page that allows the parent, student, and education consultant keep track of their activities and achievements all in one place.  

The student profile is stored in the *Oink Group College Planning Portal (seen below) which also allows students to set goals, create task, checklist, hit milestones, and has a calendar for important dates that interfaces with most mobile devices.  We believe it is important for parents to start building their child's profile as early as two years old and start tracking the child's progress so that as they advance through the formal education system the family can use their analytics, recorded activities, and achievements as leverage to qualify for entry into cohorts, programs, and schools.

Early Childhood Learning Academy

Language Arts | Math | Sciences and Health | Social Studies | Technology

For children ages 2-13

Test Prep​


For children ages 8 -17

For children ages 13-19

What's Included?

College Planning Portal:

Online portal used to set goals for both parents and child which creates task list, tasks, checklist, milestones, and a calendar for important dates.

Education Plan: 

A plan that helps parents identify opportunities and resources based on their child's present grade or education level.

Education Consultants:

Oink Group Education Consultants will guide you through the tough stuff and make sure you're aware of every opportunity available to you.

Oink University:

Hosts classes, online courses, seminars, residencies, summits, and workshops covering career readiness, financial literacy, S.T.E.M., areas, Test Prep, and study areas to name a few. 

Community Service Hours:

Match family with organizations in their area where students can volunteer and earn community service hours to be used not only to build their student profile but used to meet prerequisites for internships, job opportunities, and scholarships. Ages 4 and up.

Job Shadowing:

Provide middle school up to high school students with an opportunity to shadow professionals on the job for a few hours or a day and expose them to career options.


Apprenticeship opportunities match high school with an expert in their field of study. Some apprenticeships may offer students an opportunity to earn wages while learning a trade.


Provide high school students with advance experience in their field of interest. 

Early Childhood Learning Academy: (additional fee may apply)

For children ages 0 -10 we use interactive learning tools and live events to engage your child and propel them to the head of their class.

Student Assessment Testing: (additional fees may apply)

Students begin learning and productivity assessment testing at the 3rd grade to help parents get an understanding of their learning styles and productivity preferences to help maximize their learning and build on their academic performance. 

Online Tutoring: (additional fees may apply)

Online tutoring service available for students in the 4th grade through high school. Tutors accommodate all subjects offered in grade school including foreign languages. 

Full-Ride Scholarship:
Your student(s) could receive up to four years of college tuition paid at any college or university in America. Scholarship is  based on students academics. Speak with an Oink Representative for details.

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