Fall/Winter Calendar Of Events

Oink University

Fall/Winter Calendar Of Events

Welcome To Oink University

At Oink University we focus on enriching the lives of families and communities across America. With the help of our community and corporate partners we are bringing families together and making college readiness opportunities accessible to both parents and children ages 0-17.

We are currently preparing our fall/winter calendar of events. Check back with us shortly as
we update our calendar. Meanwhile you can receive updates by joining our email list.  

Oink University 4Parents Presents:

Some events may only be available to members please read event description to determine availability.

Raising Highly Capable Kids

13 Week Enrichment Session

Coming February 2020

Financial-Aid 4Parents Series 

The Financial-Aid 4Parents series will drop early March and will launch in 3 phases.


This series will benefit parents that have teens that are entering their junior or senior year of high school and parents that are returning students.

Phase I is a four part weekly webinar series that will focus on breaking down financial-aid buzz words, jargon, and terms used in the FAFSA and CSS Profile. Making it easier for parents to navigate the application process.

Phase II is a one day 3 hour explainer-seminar for both parents and students that cover the financial aid process, college selection, career mapping, winning scholarships, and more. Learn what's in your child's best interest vs the colleges'.

Phase III is a dynamic 3 day crash-course entitled Beyond The Enrollment Process.
In phase III we take things a step further  by walking you through each component of phase II coupled with additional support services (i.e. college tour 4parents, surviving the first year of college, mental health for families during the college experience, financial literacy for the college bound, and more) as well as continued FAFSA support services.

Enrollment opens 15th, 2019 for members. Open enrollment begins Sept 1st, 2019 (available to general public). 


To inquire email us at 4parents@myoink.net , or call us at (888)990-6465. 

The Art's Are Coming! The Art's Are Coming!

The Arts have arrived at Oink University and we're converting S.T.E.M. into S.T.E.A.M. .  

This fall enjoy performances and shows by some of the most talented touring performers in dance, music, theater, and fashion. Afterwards  Teaching Artist will lead immersion workshops that allow both parents and children to go deeper into the art forms and themes they see on stage, and learn how science, technology, engineering, and math influence the arts.


Starting this October. List of upcoming events will be available soon.
Enrollment opens September 1st, 2019. 

It's Not
Too Late

Financial-Aid 4Parents

High School

Crash Course

4Parents of Juniors & Seniors

Whether you choose a virtual or local workshop, we'll walk you through the steps to help you get your student ready for college and also show you how to save on the cost of college.

You'll learn how to: 

  • File the FAFSA Correctly 

  • Complete the CSS Profile

  • Develop your College Search List

  • Develop a Career Mapping Plan

  • Search for college scholarships and merit aid opportunities

  • Customize your college plan

  • Choose the right college

  • Create a stellar essay 

  • Pay for college without student loans

  • Negotiate an award letter

  • and all the secrets in-between.....

This will be an all day event. Continental breakfast and lunch will be served.
Bring your plus one (your high school student is welcome to attend).

College Advisor Support Package:

Support package is a follow-up service to the Crash Course. Parents will receive personal assistance from our team of college advisors and financial-aid officers on the subject matters that was covered in the Crash Course.