Starting at $59/Month

The College Prep 4Parents membership helps parents plan for college, prepare their children for college, get them to college, and finally through college - debt free.  Parents are the driving force of this membership.  Parents may add their children, step-children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren to the program for an additional charge. Children between the ages of 0-17 may be added to your plan and stay on your plan as long as they are enrolled in college up to the of age of 24 and receive full benefits.

This plan includes the following:

  • College Prep 4 Parents Program

  • Oink Group Tuition Rewards

  • Financial Fitness Plan

  • College Admissions

  • College Funding


Membership fees:

  • $59/month due with application. (Includes 2 parents and 1 child) 

  • Each additional child is $10

  • Application Fee is $500 due once application is approved.

  • Each plan renews yearly.

 College Prep 4Parents  

                                                                         Membership Plan.