Financial Fitness Plan

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About the Financial Fitness Club

The Financial Fitness Club focuses on helping family's overcome everyday challenges that often get in the way of achieving their goals and dreams. Challenges such as paying off student loans, decreasing debt, restoring personal credit, issues with the IRS, and starting a business just to name a few. 
For more than a decade we have helped both individuals and family's overcome obstacles and get on the track to achieving their goals and dreams. However, fixing an issue is just the beginning of financial fitness. The purpose of getting in shapes is to evolve into something better which is why our services are coupled with ongoing financial training and a host of other holistic services such as better budgeting, credit management, debt management, financial literacy courses, workshops, as well as emotional learning. 
Ultimately, transformation should be the outcome of financial fitness in the form of emotional stability, financial stability, spiritual stability and the achievement of attaining of ones goals and dreams.  




Veronica L.  Round Lake, IL
I'm five years in, debt free, and living the dream 

How Does It Work

As a member you'll work one-on-one with your financial coach. You'll meet initially to discuss where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow. Using our project management portal we'll breakdown your goals into smaller attainable task that will make them measurable and easier to accomplish. Coupled with personal consultations, financial education, resources, and tools we'll have you back on track in no time. 

What's Included

Family Plan:

One plan covers both spouses.

Coaching Hours:

Coaching  hours vary depending on membership plan. See membership for details.

Financial X-Ray:

A personal analysis that gives a 365 degree picture of current and future finances.

Financial Review:

Review of documents, plans, goals, and dreams either monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on membership plan.

Financial Modules:

The following modules are included in your plan:

  • Budgeting:
    The budgeting module will help you take control of your finances and put you back in the drivers seat. This module includes daily exercises, choice of budgeting management tools, reminders, budgeting boot-camps, and more.


  • Credit Management:
    Understanding how to manage your credit will make you a much better consumer and help you make better financial decisions. Maintaining a high credit score This module includes credit restoration, protection, and monitoring of your credit report, and education courses, and workshops.


  • Debt Elimination:
    This module addresses existing debt (cars, credit cards, homes, liens, etc.) with a focus on eliminating those debts. This module coincides with the budgeting module and credit management modules. Includes debt elimination plan and schedule.

  • College Planning:
    Fantastic module for parents that would like to further their careers or just return back to school. We'll help you chart out the cost of college, identify funding opportunities, and analyze if the financial investment of returning back to school is worthwhile financially.

  • Student Loan Repayment: 
    Got student loans? Not sure if you have the best payment options? Maybe things have changed for you financially. We'll help you identify a plan that works with your budget today but leads to the quickest payoff in the future.

  • Home Ownership Planning: (Available in Financial Fitness Plan - Gold)
    This module benefits both future home buyers and family's that are currently paying on a mortgage. The focus here is becoming a homeowner - free of a mortgage. Nuff said.

  • Retirement Planning: (Available in Financial Fitness Plan - Gold)
    This module is for early retirement and last minute retirement planning. We'll help you design a plan that meets your objectives.

  • Small Business Startup: (Available in Financial Fitness Plan - Gold)
    Starting a business can be both exciting and challenging. We'll coach you through the startup phase and help you launch your enterprise.

Tool Boxes :

Oink University

  • Financial literacy courses

  • Boot-camps

  • Workshops

  • and more

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