The PSAT | SAT | ACT | Club

because high stakes require competition, fun, games, and prizes.

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The PSAT | SAT | ACT | Club

The PSAT | SAT | ACT | Club helps middle school and high school students prepare for college admission exams in advance; but there is nothing traditional about how we do it :)

We use competition to motivate students while they learn, have fun, participate in challenges, receive recognition and earn prizes as their personal and team score increases. Each member is assigned to a team and together they compete against other teams. The top teams will compete in the finals for an opportunity to be recognized as the champion for that season. The winning team will receive scholarships and prizes and have an opportunity to return the following season to defend their ranking. 

To get them ready for competition they'll attend bootcamps, lectures, and workshops. Teammate's will have an opportunity to meet and strategize together. 

 Club Goals

The PSAT | SAT | ACT Club has clear and concise goals:

Goal #1: To give members an early edge on the PSAT | SAT | ACT.

Goal #2: Give members the opportunity to practice for the PSAT | SAT | ACT in a low-stake environment. 

Goal #3: Help members set specific and measurable testing scores based on their college list.

Goal  #4: To educate and prepare members for the college admissions process.

Goal  #5:  To encourage members engagement through competition and incentives and reward them for
                  achieving their goals and meeting challenges.

Eligible Members

To become a member each student must meet the following qualifications below.:

The PSAT | SAT | ACT Club has two chapters:

  • Chapter 1 is designated for middle school students in the 7th - 8th grades.

  • Chapter 2 is designated for ​high school students in the 9th - 12th grade.