College Prep 4Parents Program Informational 

In this 4 part informational the Oink Team will walk you through the basics of  financial-aid. 

You'll learn:

  • What is financial aid?

  • Financial-aid buzz words and jargon.

  • If it's possible to get more financial-aid after receiving award letter

  • What questions parents should ask the financial-aid department at colleges before signing.

  • Can families with high incomes also qualify for financial-aid.

Who Should Attend?

Parents that fall into one of the following categories?

  • Parents with children ages 0-17.

  • Parents that are planning to send their children to college.
  • Parents that are currently saving for college.
  • Parents that may be considering returning to college.
  • Parents that do not want their children to graduate with debt.
  • Parents with high school freshman and sophomores.

  • Parents that are high income earners and may not qualify for financial-aid.

  • Parents that believe in early college preparation.

About the Oink Group

At the Oink Group we empower parents and show them how to use their power.

 We do that by innovating and developing creative solutions that revolve around
college preparation. Our programs provide parents with guidance, support,
and resources that they can leverage for the benefit of their family.  

To learn more about our programs and services visit us at www.oink-group.com


Cost of attendance: No Charge

College Prep 4Parents Informational

Time: 7pm-8pm (60 minutes)

25 Seats Available

Tuition Rewards members earn 50 points 

Parent Testimony's

I met Oink through my school district and enrolled all five of my children
into the College Prep 4Parents Program. In the first year 
we accumulated over $5000 in college scholarships. 

E.Ford, IL

I joined the College Prep 4Parents program to help prepare my children for college.
They told me that as a returning student I could also receive support services.
That very same semester they helped me secure a $10,000 scholarship
for the nursing program I'm currently enrolled in. 

N. Adiola, IL