College Prep 4Parents 

Included in the College Prep 4Parents Membership Plan.

As a parent you‘re expected to know everything about - well everything. The fact is parenting doesn’t exactly come with instructions but thank goodness college prep does.


Thanks to the College Prep 4Parents Program (CP4P) you can have the results that most parents want when it’s time for your child to attend college:

  • Outstanding GPA 

  • High SAT and ACT test scores

  • Acceptance letters from top colleges/universities

  • Scholarships

  • and, no student loans!


The fact is that success doesn't happen overnight which is why early college preparation for parents is so important. By becoming a member you can start preparing for your children success as early as birth and help them thrive through the 15 Developmental Stages of College Readiness. Raising highly capable children is a process that demands the parents attention. Parents that invest in understanding college readiness are rewarded with highly capable children and highly capable children are rewarded with scholarships.

No matter where you are in the college preparation process we make -all things college - simple and easy to understand. We’ll take you by the hand and guide you through each stage of the college preparation process.  

Best of all while you are prepping you can also earn minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 which are valid at more than 400 private colleges/university's


Best of all while you are prepping you can also earn minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 which are valid at more than 400 private colleges/university's across America as an Oink Group Tuition Rewards member or a maximum of a Full-Ride Scholarship through our Value Of Promise which is valid at any 4 year college/university throughout America. 

Finally you can..

Have Your Cake 
And Eat It Too!

What's Included?

College Plan:

Customized plan that helps parents with strategizng and saving towards college. 

College Track:

The college track is an outline and checklist that correlates with the 15 Developmental Stages Of College Readiness that acts as a guide for parents and helps them measure their child's readiness for college based on age or grade. 

Annual Review, Quarterly Review, or Monthly Review:

Reviews allow parent's and education consultant to update, adjust, or add to college plan. Also creates an opportunity for both parents and education consultant to stay in the loop regarding learning opportunities and resources.

Oink University:

Provide learning opportunities to parents in the form of boot camps, online courses, enrichment programs, events, residencies, workshops in the areas of college readiness, college prep, college planning , social emotional learning, and financial literacy.

School Search and Evaluation Service:

This service assists parents with the school search (pre-k to college) and helping them evaluate the schools performance.

Oink Group Tuition Rewards Program:
Parents can earn minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 or an entire year of college paid in full at nearly 400 participating private colleges and universities for each child in their family ages 0 - 17 To learn more click here.

Value Of Promise:

We promise that if after completing all tasks, suggestions, and meeting criteria's laid out in your agreement or plan that if you do not receive minimum scholarships, grants,or other types of college funding at least equal to 3 times your membership fees we will issue you a full refund. 

Value of Promise:  See membership agreement for full disclosure.
To receive minimum guaranteed scholarship member must  the Oink Tuition Rewards Program. ** Oink Tuition Rewards Program may require family to start a savings plan or other financial instrument to receive additional benefits.




I'm a single dad and a college graduate. I want my children to go to college just like I did. My parents were great planners but I'm not. 
But that's okay because I have Oink.

                                           Shaun. M  - Oak Park, IL

When it's time for your child to attend
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