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The College Prep 4Parents Program

What's the one thing every parent wants to give their child?

Hint:    It's not an iphone, good looks, or a sense of humor (not that those don't help).

Every parent wants to give their child a "Good College Education"
But today a good college education   
can cost as much as $150,000 upward to $400,000. 


If you're looking to save on the cost college.

 The Oink Group Can Help!

 Parents Program

Introducing the College Prep 4

As a parent you‘re expected to know everything about - well everything. The fact is parenting doesn’t exactly come with instructions but thank goodness college prep does.


Thanks to the College Prep 4Parents Program (CP4P) you can have the results that most parents want when it’s time for your child to attend college:

  • Outstanding GPA

  • High SAT and ACT Scores

  • Acceptance letters from top colleges/universities

  • Scholarships, and

  • No Student Loans


The fact is that success doesn't happen overnight which is why early college preparation for parents is so important. By becoming a member you can start preparing for your children success as early as birth and help them thrive through the 15 Developmental Stages of College Readiness. Raising highly capable children is a process that demands the parents attention. Parents that invest in understanding college readiness are rewarded with highly capable children and highly capable children are rewarded with scholarships.

No matter where you are in the college preparation process we make -all things college - simple and easy to understand. We’ll take you by the hand and guide you through each stage of the college preparation process.  


While you are prepping you can also earn minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 that are valid at more than 400 private colleges/university's across America as an Oink Group Tuition Rewards member.

Finally you can..

Have Your Cake 
And Eat It Too!

Parent Testimony

I joined the College Prep 4Parents program to help prepare my children for college. They told me that as a returning student I could also receive support services. That very same semester they helped me secure a $10,000 scholarship for the nursing program I'm currently enrolled in. 
N. Adiola, Parent

What's Included?

College Prep 4Parents

College Plan

Assessment Testing

College Admissions

School Search/Evaluate 

Job Shadowing 

Tuition Rewards

College Prep 4Kids

College Readiness Portal

College Track

College Counselor

Concierge Services

Family Plan

15 Developmental Stages

Annual Review

Community Service Hours


Scholarship Search

College Prep Hotline

*Our Value Of Promise:
If after completing all tasks, suggestions, and criteria's laid out in your agreement or plan you do not receive minimum scholarships or grants at least equal to your membership fees we will issue you a full refund.
Extended Service:
*Your student can continue to receive benefits while attending college through the Family Plan as a College Prep Ultimate member.
*Full-Ride Scholarship:
Follow the Oink Formula and your student(s) could receive up to a full-ride scholarship at any college or university in America.
Oink Tuition Rewards Program:
Each child in your family ages 0-17** are eligible to receive minimum guaranteed scholarships valued up to $57,324 or an entire year of college paid in full at nearly 400 participating private colleges and universities.
College Advisors:
Oink College Prep Coaches and Financial Aid Officers are here to guide you through the tough stuff and make sure you're aware of every opportunity available to you.
College Prep Hotline:
Through the College Prep Hotline you can get the answers and guidance you need.
* Our Value of Promise:  See membership agreement for full disclosure.
*The College Prep Ultimate Membership covers both parents and all children ages 0 - 17 sophomores and under.
* Full-Ride Scholarships are earned by your student and qualifications are determined by the college. 
*To receive minimum guaranteed scholarship member must  the Oink Tuition Rewards Program. ** Oink Tuition Rewards Program may require family to start a savings plan or financial instrument to receive additional benefits.


  • Children must be between the ages of 0-17 and must be registered prior to the start of their sophomore year of high school* .

  • Parents must be willing to participate in enrichment programs.

  • Family must pass the entrance interview.

  • Parents must be willing to participate in yearly annual reviews.

  • Parents must update their college plan yearly.

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Why is early college preparation important 4Parents?

  • Parents actions are considered examples of what's important to their children. By 

  • It establishes good studying habits.

  • It reduces the cost of a college tuition.

  • It creates a direct college path. 

  • It offers different pathway options for students to consider.

  • It can boost the graduation rates of high school students. 



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