An educational institution or establishment, in particular one providing higher education or specialized professional or vocational training that grants degrees or certifications.

College Tours 4Parents


The College Tours 4 parents is an intimate event where Oink College Advisors and parents will have an opportunity to engage in a true adult conversation about one of the largest investments a parent may make in their children "College". This tour is not about a specific college it's about College Funding, College Planning, and College Preparation.

Oink College Advisors and guest speakers will discuss in depth how to:

  • help your child choose the best college within your budget.

  • protect your child on a college campus when they are away.

  • identify if your child is having issues when away at school before they are impacted

  • find hidden scholarship opportunities.

  • identify college admission sales tactics 

  • get your child to cooperate with you willingly while away at college.

  • get your student through college without all the debt.

  • save on the cost of college 

  • send your child to college without going broke

  • how to leverage a gifted or talented child 

  • and much more....

4Parents Only

Fri, March 22

Fri, April 19

Fri, May 10th

Fri, May 24th

Sold Out
Sold Out


Trolley will pick us up and we'll tour 3 distinct colleges, Have a light lunch, meet with college administrators, staff, and wrap up our evening with a workshop over dinner in a private room. Bring a notepad and pen and to take notes. Toward the end of the evening there will be a challenge and the winners take home prizes.

We'll tour each of the following:

  • 1 University

  • 1 Community College

  • 1 Trade School

Agenda Overview:

10:00 am - Check-In 

10:30 am - Briefing

11:00 am - Presentation

12:00 pm - Light Lunch

12:45 pm - Trolley Pick-up

  1:00 pm - College Visits

  5:00 pm - 7:00 pm  -  Workshop and Dinner @ Maggiano's Private Room

Meet up Location:

Downtown Location

Oink Group Office

150 N. Michigan Avenue

Chicago, IL 60601 


Are you a group or organization? Small or large we'll accommodate you.

Group discount rates are available. Small Groups are 3-10 and Large groups are 11+.

Private Tours 

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