College Funding Services 

Included in the College Prep 4High School Parents membership plan.

Saving on the cost of college can be just as impactful as saving for college. Taking advantage of our college funding services will allow you to reap the rewards of early preparation. We start working with parents on their child(ren)'s college funding plan as early as the freshmen year of high school and make necessary adjustments as they move into their senior year. Our goal is to help the family save on the cost of college, identify financial opportunities, educate, and show them how to position themselves so that they may be able to get their child through college with little or no student loans.

College Funding Counseling

We'll start here and discuss the goals and dreams you have for your college bound child(ren) Then determine how much college may cost in the future, and finally create a college funding game plan that will help save on the cost of college.

College Funding
Game Plan

Need help figuring out how you can fund college.

Student Loan Counseling

Before we apply for student loans let's find out if we can afford them and how much you or your student will be repaying in the future. Better to know now than later.

CSS Profile Filing

Crunch time doesn't have to be stressful. Leave it to us to prepare your FAFSA and CSS Profiles forms.


Colleges use the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) to determine your federal student aid eligibility if you were to attend their school. We'll provide you with your EFC and show you how to lower it, saving you more money on the cost of college. 

Scholarship Search & Fit

Their are thousands of scholarships available but not all of them are a fit for your skills and talent. We'll search and match scholarships that fit your child's profile. 

Award Letter

Did you receive an award letter and it's not what you expected?   We'll review it with you to determine what your next step should be. 


  • Financial-Aid 411 Series

  • College Funding Series

  • College Planning Series

  • and more...

Parent Testimony

I joined the College Prep 4Parents program to help prepare my children for college. They told me that as a returning student I could also receive support services. That very same semester they helped me secure a $10,000 scholarship for the nursing program I'm currently enrolled in. 
N. Adiola

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