We show parents how to Plan, Prepare, and Pay for college without having to go broke in the process.

Where do I start?

How many colleges do you think
my child should apply to?

Do I have enough saved?

Can I get financial aid if
I make too much money?

What can I do to help my “average” student
stand out and get accepted to college?

My child isn’t motivated to make good grades.
How can I motivate them to try harder?

We can’t afford to pay for college. does
that mean our child won’t be able to go?

Will I have to
work a second job?


College Admission Services

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Step 1:

Watch Video


The following college admission services and courses are for parents with students in high school.
For early college preparation for children ages 0-13 click here.

Step 2:

Download Your Free College Report

Now that you have had your first lesson in college admissions the next step is to download a free college report on us.The college report will give you pertinent details about where you are in the college planning process and what your next steps should be.

Step 3:

Schedule A Free Consultation

During the consultation we'll answer your questions, cover your report, and tell you a little more about . 

It is important that you set aside up to 25 minutes just in case you have additional questions.

The consultation is free and requires no commitment from you. If you are married, have a significant other, or a family member that is a part of your planning team we would recommend that they be present during the consultation.

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