Preparing for college in the final stages can be daunting.
It’s the parents last chance to make an impact. 

Parents want to know:

Need help during this crunch time? 
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College Plan

Parents navigate the college process like a pro with your very own  customized college plan.

Includes College Admissions Consultation.


College Admissions


Great for families who plan to navigate the college admissions process on their own or with the assistance of their school counselor, yet would benefit from some additional insight and guidance.




Make sure you can afford the price of admission before you sign on the dotted line.  It's better to know now than later. Consult with us about financial-aid opportunities that could help lower the cost of college.


Leave it to us to file your FAFSA and CSS Profiles. Crunch time doesn't have to be stressful.

Includes Financial-Aid Consultation.

FAFSA / CSS Profile


Bundle your consultation with the Ultimate College Admissions Package 



The college admissions package is a family package for parents with high school juniors and seniors. (If you have children ages 0-15 consider the College Prep 4Parents Program) We'll help you get all things college situated.  The college admissions package includes the initial consultation plus: 

College Plan

A college admissions consultation can help identify opportunities that you may not have known existed, broaden 

College Search List

The college search is the single most important factor in helping families save ON the cost of college. Building the right list of candidate schools is the essential first step for families with emerging juniors and seniors.

Assessment Exams

Our assessment exams will help your student identify which subjects, majors, best fit their career paths.


Colleges use the EFC (Expected Family Contribution) to determine your federal student aid eligibility if you were to attend their school. We'll provide you with your EFC and show you how to lower it, saving you more money on the cost of college. 

Leave it to us to file your FAFSA and CSS Profiles. Crunch time doesn't have to be stressful.

CSS Profile Filing

Scholarship Search & Fit

Their are thousands of scholarships available but not all of them are a fit for your skills, talents

Award Letter

Did you receive an award letter and it's not what you expected?  Lets appeal it. 

Oink University

Premium Workshops

  • Financial-Aid 411 Crash Course

  • College Admissions Crash Course

  • College Admissions Day

  • Decision Day

  • and more..

Career Mapping

A key to choosing the right college is knowing your career path. Our Career Mapping service will help your student identify which subjects and majors best fit their personality and gain a richer understanding of possible career paths. We utilize the Myers-Briggs Exam.


 I'm extremely busy which is why I used the their FAFSA filing service. 
They went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend them. 



Arturo J. Denver, Co

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Beverly M.  Danville, IL
I was skeptical at first because I never used this sort of service.
But after my first consultation I realized that this was my team.
They were going to help me get my kids through college.

It's Not
Too Late

4Parents of Juniors & Seniors

Whether you choose a virtual or local workshop, we'll walk you through the steps to help you get your student ready for college and also show you how to save on the cost of college.

  • File the FAFSA Correctly 

  • Complete the CSS Profile

  • Calculate the Cost Of Attendance

  • How to use the EFC Calculation

  • Use Early Action / Early Decision to lower the cost of attendance

  • Qualify for tax-free Merit Based Scholarships

  • Leverage Self-Help Programs

  • Lower the cost of college 

  • And all the secrets in-between


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