We show parents how to Plan, Prepare, and Pay for college without having to go broke in the process.


Step 1: Getting Started

Download Your Free College Report

Now that you have had your first lesson in college planning the next step is to download a free college report on us. 


The college report will give you pertinent details about where you are in the college planning process and what your next steps should be. The age of your child will play a significant roll in your report. The younger the child the more time you have to plan and prepare, and of course the older your child the less time you have to plan and prepare so it's important that you know your options now.


No matter where you are in the college planning process we have the resources and tools to help you achieve your goals.

Step 2:

Schedule Your Consultation

During the consultation we'll answer your questions and cover your report. 

It is important that you set aside up to 25 minutes just in case you have additional questions.

The consultation is free and requires no commitment from you. If you are married, have a significant other, or a family member that is a part of your planning team we would recommend that they be present during the consultation.

Click Here To Schedule Your Free Consultation.

Step 3:

Choose Your Membership Plan

Early College Preparation Memberships

Membership plans are available for parents with children ages 0-13.

College Prep

Are you a "D.I.Y."
(Do It Your-self) kind of parent? If so, 
then this membership is for you. The College Prep Membership will enable you to move at your own pace while giving you access to courses, events, workshops, and our entire menu of services.


Just know that no matter how you decide to plan we'll be there to guide you through the tough stuff.

College Prep 4Parents

The College Prep 4Parents membership is for parents that are interested in more  personalized service.
Parents who would like to make sure that they are fully prepared emotionally, financially, mentally, and are aware of all opportunities that may help their child get college ready.
Parents are paired with an education consultant and equipped with their own family college planning portal which connects them with the resources, tools, and guidance that this membership provides.


College Prep 4Kids

The College Prep 4Kids  membership offers your child the support, resources, and guidance they need to earn up to a full-tuition scholarship to the school of their dreams.

  They are provided with opportunities that will help them build their 

student profile, which includes building work skills, amplifying natural talents, preparing for college entry exams (PSAT/SAT/ACT), raising their G.P.A., identifying career interest, and much more.


Margaret P.   Cicero, IL

As a single parent I appreciate the help I have received from the Oink Group. Their college admissions service saved me both time and money.  

College Admissions 4Parents with High Schoolers'

Membership plans are available for parents with teens in high school.
If you have a student that is currently a senior in high school click here.


Welcome to high school! 

Your teen is now in the beginning of the college admissions process and 
getting off on the right foot matters.  

This plan is for Parents that are looking to get a head start on the college admissions process as well as getting their teen college ready.  They understand success is not an accident; and nor is saving on the cost of college.






Click button below to learn more about this plan and it's offerings.


Parents your teen is now in the middle stage of the college admissions process and knowing what to do next is essential to saving on the cost of college. 

This membership is for parents that are getting started later in the college admissions process and now realize they need a game plan. 

The College Admissions for Sophomores plan will ensure that you have all of the essential tools, assistance, and guidance you need to get you and your teen on track just in the nick of time.

Click button below to learn more about this plan and it's offerings.


Parents your teen is now in the final stages of the college admissions process and next year you will be preparing to purchase a college education.

While everything is on the table you still have time to make an impact on how much you can save on the cost of college. 

The College Admissions for Juniors plan can assist you with getting all things in order before it's too late. 



Click button below to learn more about this plan and it's offerings.


Michael T.   Chicago, IL

At first I was skeptical because I had never used this sort of service before.But after my first consultation I realized that this was my team. They were going to help me get my kids through college.

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